Our ‘lightning response’ philosophy includes following up and following through on every aspect so no detail slips through the cracks. Our operations team oversees and guides every element of the loan transaction, providing an astonishing level of communication along the way. This creates peace of mind, allowing you to do what you do best – garner new clients, close more loans and increase revenues. Put simply, we’re a refreshing breeze among the masses.

Relationships built on TRUST

Our Regional Sales Managers have dedicated their entire careers to building loyal partnerships based on one simple but all-important value – TRUST. These dynamic relationships enable the tailoring of services to our Seller’s needs, the cornerstone of our customer service strategy. Your trust is the very essence of the success of Planet Home Lending.

The Tools for Success

The Planet Home Lending team has developed a unique dynamo – an intense Seller’s platform that delivers powerful tools designed for you to close more loans and simply “soar” … period. An aggressive rate structure coupled with an innovative and comprehensive product array along with the absolute latest in logistical technology.

Easy to do Business With

We are determined to be the easiest team of professionals to deal with – ANYWHERE. And we guarantee it! Time is money and time is wasted when you are hassling a mortgage company’s speed bumps and roadblocks. Planet Home Lending has built a strong – and smooth – highway from start to finish, so the trip is always a rewarding experience.

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